Prof. Abbas Rajabifard FIG Presidency Campaign has been launched

In support of Professor Abbas Rajabifard's FIG presidency nomination by the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), CSDILA has developed a website to outline his vision for the future of FIG and his campaign priorities. "Connecting local challenges to global actions, and global market to local opportunities" is his vision.

This vision values interconnectedness: in a fast-changing, complex, and uncertain world, FIG must position itself and the organisations and professions it represents as a leader in addressing both global and local challenges and opportunities. FIG for this century means focusing on bridging the gaps – from local to global – to contribute towards a smart, connected, and sustainable future.

Going forward, FIG needs to be more strategic and proactive in addressing current and emerging challenges and opportunities and to help others do the same. Towards this goal, the campaign focuses on three central tenets: enhancing FIG’s relevance and impact; extending its reach and embracing more inclusive participation; and enabling, equipping, and capacity building.

When looking to the future of geospatial science and FIG as an organisation, this vision emphasises the need for collaboration at the local and global levels to address complex problems, particularly through the education and training of current and future practitioners. By expanding FIG’s capabilities and fostering collaboration, Professor Rajabifard’s presidency campaign seeks to put FIG on a trajectory for the future that enhances strategic impacts, sustainability, and growth. Please find a link to the FIG campaign website here, or scan the QR code below.

QR code for Prof Rajabifard's FIG campaign website