D-lab The Museum of Future

Our lab provides advanced interactive data capturing, analysing, and visualisation tools and immersive digital technologies for academia, researchers, government and industry partners.

There has been significant investment in the D-Lab which brings together the latest visualisation technologies. A cutting-edge hologram table, video walls, Virtual Reality (VR) headsets, sensors for data capture, cameras for 360 videos, and Augmented Reality (AR)  devices highlight some of the major investments in equipment for the D-Lab.

Capabilities and Services:

  • Data collection using state-of-the-art data capturing equipment;​
  • Data visualisation using a range of cutting-edge tools and technologies;​
  • Data analysis and simulation to generate novel digital solutions

Supported Projects and Research Topics:

  • Smart Cities and Digital Twin​
  • Digital Health​
  • Monitoring​
  • Advanced Manufacturing and Industry 4.0​
  • 3D Animation​
  • Simulation​
  • 3D Modelling​
  • Sustainability

Supported Technologies:

  • Virtual Reality (VR)​
  • Augmented Reality (AR)​
  • Mixed Reality (MR) ​
  • Other 3D visualisations and 3D modelling technologies

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