Academic experts in schools

Academic Experts in Schools is a program to connect the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology to your classroom.

By connecting high school students and teachers with engineering academics we bring our cutting edge engineering research and teaching to a broader audience and help high school students gain a better understanding of the breadth of possibilities in the STEM fields.

How it works

A group of students working on a group project

Engineering academics can provide expert advice on STEM topics to school students and teachers through a Q&A session via video conference.

Want an explanation of fluid mechanics or to know how chemical engineers are working on solutions to climate change?


Send us an email about your topic and we will connect you with an academic expert:

Prof Andrea O’Connor’s meeting with students from Taylors Lakes Secondary College

Andrea O’Connor
Prof Andrea O’Connor

I spoke to Year 8 students and teachers (Ms Maria Lelekakis and Ms Elizabeth Green) at Taylors Lakes Secondary College. The topic was ‘Nano-Particles against Superbugs’, which was triggered by a Deep Learning project being undertaken by the class.

One of the students contacted me having seen an article from the University about my research. He had some well-thought-out questions and, after an email exchange, the teacher invited me to meet the whole class for an online Q&A session.

The teacher wrote: I truly think the students as a whole would really appreciate your experience and knowledge in this area and more than this, I hope to instill these kids with a real life time appreciation of science and unique opportunities such as this would offer a memorable and positive experience.

The class sent me a thank you card afterwards as well.

I enjoyed talking to the students about the research that I am passionate about. It was very engaging because the students were working on a project related to my research so had thought about it and planned some good questions before we met.

I think this is a great way for academic researchers to engage with school students in a flexible and efficient manner that is relevant to the students.

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