Get Involved

We encourage you to stay connected to the School and to get involved in activities like speaking to students, and providing a profile of your career path.

Reunions and events

Organise a reunion or a get-together with your fellow alumni. You will have the support of the our staff to organise a successful and memorable event.

Volunteers play a crucial role in the education we provide to our students. Not only do you pass on specific knowledge, but you also promote a career in engineering and IT to prospective students.

If you’re interested in these opportunities please contact us.


You can also give back to the School by making a gift to the School’s fundraising priorities, which include scholarship support for our students. Make a gift

Internships and mentoring

Alternatively, give back to the Melbourne School of Engineering by providing internships and mentoring to current students through your company. You may remember how valuable these experiences were for you as a student. For more information, visit Internships.

Welcome to Melbourne program

A University-wide initiative seeking alumni volunteers is the Welcome to Melbourne program for Australia Award Scholarship winners arriving in Melbourne from developing countries throughout the world. Make a connection with a scholarship recipient by inviting them for a home-cooked meal with you and your family.

Welcome to Melbourne