Meet Our Donors

Here at the Melbourne School of Engineering we have a wonderful community of donors who support the School in a variety of ways.

Gifts from past students, staff and friends have shaped the engineering and IT programs at the University of Melbourne.

Philanthropy allows students to study here and helps them make the most of their time with us. It enables research, providing the facilities and funding for those who have great ability and the potential to contribute to the challenges of our time. Contributions also facilitate innovation and engagement within our community and beyond.

This support provides a foundation for engineering and IT-related education and research. It plays a vital role in ensuring that the School will continue to thrive into the future. Some donors provide regular donations through a monthly or annual commitment, while others focus on supporting priority projects of key interest to them.

However you choose to support the School we are grateful for your generosity.

Allow us to honour and recognise your donations in different ways.

In the Melbourne School of Engineering, we give thanks to donors through the naming of buildings, scholarships and academic positions. We also list recognition in annual reports, and extend invitations to events and activities as a thank you to donors for their support and involvement. We’ve created special groups to further extend our gratitude. More information on university-wide recognition societies.

It’s your support that allows our institution to flourish and create leaders in the world of engineering and IT. We look forward to exploring opportunities to recognise your contribution in a way that is meaningful to you personally.

Len Stevens Scholarship Appeal

377 donors contributed to the Len Stevens Scholarship Appeal 2011–2013, successfully raising $513,244.31 to establish the Scholarship in perpetuity. Many donors continue to give to the fund, building on this success.

The Paterson Scholarship

Kernot Fellowship

The Kernot Fellowship recognises those who have indicated that they intend to leave a gift to the Melbourne School of Engineering in their Will while celebrating the success made possible through the support of current and future donors.

This bequest society was named after Professor William Charles Kernot, who was both the first recipient of the first Engineering Certificate offered by the University of Melbourne as well as the Founding Professor of Engineering.