Profile: Cailin Wrigley

Cailin Wrigley

Cailin Wrigley, BCom
Masters of Engineering (Mechanical)
Melbourne School of Engineering Scholarship Recipient 2015

I am in my final semester of the Master of Mechanical Engineering, having graduated from the Bachelor of Commerce in 2013. My decision to study mechanical engineering was driven by my fascination of engineering sciences as well as my belief that the technical aspects of an engineering degree will make me a more valuable graduate. The masters program at Melbourne University naturally attracted to me due to my familiarity with the stellar academic resources that Melbourne University offers as well as the emphasis placed on both practical learning through multiple hands-on subjects as well as specialised theoretical expertise in many advanced courses.

The MSEF has supported me in a variety of ways over the past two years. Receiving the award itself is an accolade that I host proudly, acting as a testament to the hard work and dedication that I committed during my bachelor. The scholarship allowed me to dedicate more time to my graduate studies without the stress of needing to increase working hours. Most importantly, the scholarship supported me in studying for one year in Switzerland via the Melbourne Global Mobility exchange program. This opportunity has been the highlight of my five years at University, allowing me to explore Europe and meet people from all over the world, whilst contributing to my degree through studying at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

The most important thing I have learnt through my degree is the value of diversity. Coming from a finance degree into engineering, I truly believe that I am a stronger problem solver due to my ability to approach problems with different mindsets. My studies abroad allowed me to expand my awareness of different cultures and enhance my ability to move within different social environments and interact with all types of people. As such, I believe that any opportunity to study something different or try new things should be seized. I hope to utilise the skills and knowledge I have gained, to succeed in a financial role in an engineering firm. I believe that the unique mixture of disciplines I have studied mean that I can fully understand businesses at both a financial and operational level.

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