Public lecture: Rod Tucker

Woodward Conference Centre
185 Pelham Street, Carlton


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Bringing Australia’s Broadband Network into the 21st Century

Refreshments 5.30–6pm, Lecture 6–7pm

The Lecture

High-speed broadband Internet access enhances GDP growth in communities and entire nations. But Australia’s broadband speed lags well behind other advanced and even emerging economies. In April 2009, at the time the National Broadband Network (NBN) was announced, Australia’s average broadband download speed was ranked 39th in the world. And while the rollout of the NBN is now being ramped up, Australia recently slipped to 59th place. In this talk, Melbourne Laureate Emeritus Professor Rod Tucker will provide an overview of competing broadband technologies, and address the question of what Australia needs to do to become a world leader in broadband connectivity.

The Speaker

Rod Tucker is a Melbourne Laureate Emeritus Professor. He is a telecommunications researcher and served on a panel of experts that advised the Government on the establishment of the National Broadband Network. He is a Fellow of the IEEE, the Optical Society of America, the Australian Academy of Science, and the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering. He has previously held positions at the Plessey Company, AT&T Bell Laboratories, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, and Agilent Technologies. Rod was Founding Director of the University of Melbourne’s Centre for Energy-Efficient Telecommunications (CEET).


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