Code Masters

Challenge your high school students to solve problems through computer programming and design through our CodeMasters and DesignMasters competitions. Held on-campus and online.

Who can participate?

High school students from across Australia. Teachers are invited to enter teams of three in either the junior division (years 7–9) or senior division (years 10–12).

2019 dates

6 June 2019

Event format

On-campus event

A maximum of two teams per school can participate in the on-campus event. Space at the university is limited to the first 30 teams that register.

Junior students must be accompanied by a teacher, while senior students require permission from their school, but can participate unaccompanied.

Online event

The online event is available for schools who are unable to participate on-campus, or who wish to enter more than two teams. Online participation requires a supervisor with a standard web browser and internet access. Supervision is essential for online participation to ensure competition rules are followed. Online participants can view the recorded ‘Solutions’ lecture online after the event.

Schools participating from interstate are requested to participate according to the table below to allow for time differences. All times are local time.

Competition rules

Teams consist of two or three students, and may use up to two computers.

  • Problems and data sets will be distributed on USB stick at the start of the competition, thus your computing devices must have USB capability. For online participants, teachers/supervisors will be supplied with problems and data sets via web browser to put onto their own local USB just prior to the start of the competition.
  • Communication devices may not be used in any way during this competition. This includes Internet-enabled devices (switch off Wi-Fi on your laptops). You may not use a mobile phone for any purpose, including as a dictionary, calculator, etc.
  • Judges and supervisors may inspect any data on any computing devices that are used by teams before, during and after the competition. If you have sensitive data that you do not want the judges to see, do not bring it with you to the competition.
  • Teams that attempt to circumvent the “no-internet” rule by pre-downloading online material and storing it locally (for example, libraries of past problems and solutions in similar competitions, Wikipedia pages, and so on) will be penalised at the judges’ discretion.
  • Reference material directly related to your current school studies is permitted. Teachers accompanying teams may be asked to verify that data on a student’s computing device is related to their school work, and has not been downloaded specifically for the competition.

The winning team will be the one with the most correct answers within the 2.5 hour time limit.


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