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Yarra Trams is proudly operated by Keolis Downer, the largest private multi-modal transport operator in Australia. Since taking over the running of the network on 30 November 2009, we have improved safety, delivered record passenger satisfaction, and maintained punctuality during a period of unprecedented growth across Melbourne. Our guiding principle is to ‘think like a passenger’. We focus on delivering safe, reliable, clean, and easy-to-use services. And we are committed to increasing the environmental, social, and economic contribution that Melbourne's tram network makes to the city.

We work with the Victorian Government, Public Transport Victoria and other transport agencies and operators to provide a fully integrated transport service for the people of Melbourne.

Emilie van de Graaff

AIMES presents a unique opportunity for Keolis Downer to use and interact with modern technologies to improve transport outcomes and apply that learning on the world’s largest tram network and beyond. If we gain more insight into the movement of traffic and people on some of the world’s busiest tram corridors, it can help us to identify ways we can improve operations and safety across Melbourne’s iconic tram network. The strength of this collaboration is in the wide range partners who have come together to support it – it’s a unique opportunity to work with academia, government, and industry.

—Emilie van de Graaff, Director, Passenger and Network Innovation

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