Automated shuttle


Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to address the emerging transport problems we are facing, including excessive traffic congestion, negative traffic impacts on our economy and environment, roadway fatalities, car-dependency, and public transport inefficiencies. AV’s will have two distinct features that, if utilized effectively, can help end our biggest challenges in urban transport (i) safe and efficient navigation on our roads (by eliminating human factors) and (ii) cost-effective service operations (by eliminating labour expenses).

We have dedicated a multidisciplinary research initiative between the University of Melbourne’s Department of Infrastructure Engineering (IE) and the School of Computing and Information Systems (CIS) to investigate, simulate, optimise and evaluate opportunities to leverage these two features and create value for both private businesses in the AV space and the general public.


The expected outcomes of this project include a simulation laboratory for experiments to understand the potentials of AVs in delivering public transport and demand-responsive services.


Easymile and the University of Melbourne