Kapsch Intelligent Corridor


Integrated corridor management is traditionally conducted on major roadways and freeways. This project with Kapsch TrafficCom Australia investigates if new load balancing technologies within corridor management can be used in a dense urban environment. The aim is to reduce congestion by changing driver behaviour and increase the safety of vulnerable road users along Nicholson Street, Carlton.

Schematic diagram showing a bird's eye view of Nicholson Street

The Kapsch Intelligent Corridor will be deployed along Nicholson Street in Carlton and will integrate within the Kapsch Smart Intersection, the nearby Toyota/Lexus Australia/Kapsch C-ITS Connected Vehicle Zone and various existing sensors to provide better traffic detection and more robust data collection to improve operators ‘Situational Awareness’ to make more informed decisions into the transport network. The University of Melbourne researchers are conducting the data analysis and modelling for better use of the intelligence corridors.


The outcome is to prove this concept of corridor management can be realised in a dense urban environment and can improve the travel time, efficiency and safety for active transport modes such as walking and cycling.


Kapsch TrafficCom Australia, Department of Transport and the University of Melbourne.