Kapsch Smart Intersection

Kapsch Smart Intersection


The Kapsch Smart Intersection which is currently live on the corner of Victoria Parade and Brunswick Street, Carlton is equipped with Kapsch’s latest ANPR sensor configured as a ‘Yellow Box’ detector to provide traffic detection of vehicles blocking busy ‘yellow box’ intersections to prevent incursions into a yellow box and blocking oncoming traffic.

Kapsch has deployed their latest innovation; the Kapsch Deep Learning Video Platform (DLVP), that provides all weather ‘traffic insights’ by annotating video streams in real-time for the following use cases:

  1. Queue Length detection (per lane)
  2. Vehicle Counting (per lane)
  3. Vehicle Classification
  4. Vehicle Speed
  5. Pedestrian Detection and Counting
  6. Right and Left turn counting
  7. Near-miss detection*
  8. Integration into local TLC*

(*denotes future scope)