We’ve developed technologies to combine real-time information gathering and analysis from communication systems themselves, and the broader information environment.

The leading edge in cybersecurity

We have identified critical ways of detecting potential threats and preparing the most effective responses to maintain operating systems and public safety.

Our capabilities include:

  • Network security and cryptography
  • Anomaly and network intrusion detection
  • Authentication and authorisation
  • Distributed computing and peer-to-peer networks
  • Network fault diagnosis including machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Information security management
  • Network auditing and accounting.

Case study

RAPID surveillance of social media

The University of Melbourne has developed RAPID, a real-time analytics platform for interactive data-mining. This has been created to identify issues of national security, such as emerging social unrest or attempts to manipulate the information environment (fake news).

DST wanted a smart way of collecting and filtering tweets. Dr Aaron Harwood and Professor Shanika Karunasekera have come up with smart algorithms including a topic-tracking algorithm that actively chases topics rather than just finding them under hashtags. Dr Lucia Falzon, Chief Defence Scientist Fellow, Defence Science and Technology Group