Innovative digital design and engineering

We are developing advanced digital technologies to streamline the planning, design, engineering and construction of infrastructure materials and projects. This will lead to significant savings in costs and time, critical to meeting accelerating urban densification.

Our Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology, for example, allows specialists from disciplines such as architecture, construction and engineering to collaborate across a common digital platform.

Incorporating 3D modelling and virtual reality, BIM can halve the time spent on the design process while improving communications and workflow across an entire project. We are developing artificial intelligence (AI) or machine learning to organise the significant amount of data coming into the BIM platform to optimise its useability.

BIM technology is also used to create digital prototypes for the manufacture of prefabricated materials off-site. This is a key feature of the integrated digital Design for Manufacturing Assembly (DfMA) framework we are developing to allow for the mass customisation of top-quality materials.

Incorporating advanced robotics and automation in manufacturing will streamline production and reduce on-site activity from an estimated 70 per cent to 20 per cent, leading to a safer work environment and reduced project costs and time.


  • BIM tools for digital planning
  • BIM workflow for designing prefab buildings and infrastructure
  • Integrated digital DfMA framework