Novel materials and systems

To meet the increasing demands on urban infrastructure we are developing new materials for use in complex structures and extreme environments, and establishing comprehensive testing facilities for these materials.

We focus on high-performing materials and systems that are affordable, lightweight, fire safe and durable. Our program is expected to create novel designs and patentable inventions with applications in manufacturing processes and products such as prefabricated modular floor, frame, facade, wall and building service systems.

Central to this is the use of recycled materials, with projects trialling glass and tyre rubber in prefabricated concrete panels.

To manage compliance and streamline certification for new construction materials and products, we are establishing a one-stop-shop facility that will provide cost-effective and timely access to structural, fire and acoustic testing.


  • Lightweight, high-performance materials (concrete, timber, composite)
  • Facilities for testing and certifications
  • High-performance, multi-functional building systems (floor, facade, roof, foundations)
  • Innovative connection systems