Student Industry Projects

A guide for industry

Student Industry Projects are unpaid projects undertaken by students in their final year, in collaboration with an industry supervisor and an academic supervisor at the University. Organisations can work with an individual student or a small group, for either one or two academic semesters, depending on the project.


Student Industry Projects are an opportunity for you to oversee a student, or students, designing or researching a non-critical project which, when completed, can be used by your organisation. Projects can take place at on-site at your organisation, at the University with your regular input, or a combination of both.

You will develop a collaborative relationship with both the student(s) and the supervising academic but you won’t need to be involved in day-to-day supervision of the work, unless you want to. Each October, studentcan showcase their projects at our annual Endeavour event.

If you are interested in taking on a student to work on day-to-day workload on-site at your organisation, ourInternship program allows organisations to take students on for a 10–15 week period, with a view to deepening students’ professional workplace skills.


Students are normally matched to projects by the University. You can specify the type of project and number or students you wish to host and we will assign suitable students to your project.

The University’s Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance covers the University and its students in relation to the placement. Student Industry Projects are unpaid. Student Industry Project hosts will be asked to sign the University’s Vocational Placement Letter Agreement which contains the terms and conditions under which we establish these projects, including the fact that IP is assigned to your organisation

To enquire about establishing a Student Industy Project at your organisation please contact the most appropriate departmental contact(s) below, sending them a proposed project title and a 100 word summary of the project.

Alternatively, you can submit your project proposal online. This online form will prompt you to provide the information that we require. Once submitted, a contact from the appropriate department will be in contact with you to discuss the opportunity further.



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