Agile logistics and mine planning

New mining techniques and mine designs are being developed to incorporate real-time responsiveness to unfolding environmental conditions to optimise operations along mining and processing supply chains.

Agile logistics and mine planning

Mine planning is complex with short, medium and long-term objectives that are often competing rather than complementary.

This research program is developing and deploying new techniques to optimise operations in mining supply chains. Our approaches cover different mining timeframes, from mine design to decisions made over short, medium and long-term horizons. They also incorporate the capacity to rapidly respond to changes in the mining environment and adapt current plans in real time.

The ability to respond quickly to environmental dynamics, such as adverse weather or revised estimates of ore body content, allows miners to consistently meet operational production and quality targets over time.

Advanced techniques for mine design and long-term planning have the capacity to unlock more value from an ore body, achieving greater net present value and returns on investment,in addition to improving safety and reducing the environmental footprint. Outcomes from MMI work have been commercially deployed and demonstrated to add significant commercial value.

Key capabilities

  • Optimisation and control theory for complex networks
  • Mine design
  • Mathematical optimisation
  • Mine planning across all horizons

More information

Program leader 
Dr Michelle Blom