Process productivity

Upgrades to existing mineral processing units and the introduction of new technologies can improve extraction rates and reduce waste impacts.

Process productivity

The mining industry is constantly being challenged to improve safety and increase the productivity of its assets. Generating more product while maintaining or improving quality is paramount.

This research program aims to optimise the productivity of current assets and also develop and deploy new technologies for the extraction of metals from their ores.

Advanced processing techniques have the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of mining operations. The use of column arrangements, for example, in place of mixer-settlers in solvent extraction processes can reduce capital costs and land and operational requirements, while increasing plant throughput.

Improved chemicals and models that describe chemical interactions with target metals can improve plant efficiency and metal yields while potentially reducing water and energy requirements, significantly reducing operating costs and the environmental footprint of an operation.

The MMI has expertise in advanced polymers, flocculation, solid/liquid separation, rheology control and flotation, sludge thickening and dewatering, and advanced equipment and solvents for solvent extraction processes. We also work in energy-efficient comminution solutions and mineral recovery through flotation.

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Dr Kathryn Mumford
Program leader