Addressing this century's energy challenges

What are the biggest, most exciting outcomes our researchers could imagine in their lifetime? A decarbonised economy? Zero emission power generation? Clean transport?

Managing the transition to clean and sustainable energy systems is a key global challenge of the 21st century. The University of Melbourne has world-leading researchers approaching this challenge working with the energy industry and government partners. As part of the approach the University is building a world-class engineering and design campus at Fishermans Bend, set to open in 2024, focused on green industry and innovation.

Energy systems experts Professors Michael Brear and Pierluigi Mancarella, industry partner Ed McManus and Fishermans Bend Precinct Executive Director Rowan Maclean explain how the new campus will be a great enabler of this vision in the years to come.

The Fishermans Bend campus will bring together researchers, industry and students working together on global challenges to build a sustainable and resilient future. The precinct will be a vibrant home to large-scale research and project-based learning, creating new opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration and partnerships with industry. Some of the large-scale facilities include smart grid technologies, electric vehicle and engine propulsion testing and autonomous vehicles testing.

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