Addressing cybersecurity challenges in an IoT business - Cybersecurity Challenges 2019

In an increasingly connected world, robust cybersecurity practice and preparedness has never been more vital to running a business.

At our Cybersecurity Challenges event held at Engineers Australia on 10 October, a group of some of Australia's foremost experts on cybersecurity sat down to tackle a hypothetical scenario discussing a range of security and privacy challenges impacting an Internet-of-Things (IoT) company.

The panel comprised EJ Wise (Principal at Wise Law), James Ng (lead in Telstra’s Cyber Security Governance, Risk and Assurance team) and the University of Melbourne's Dr Suelette Dreyfus, Professor James Bailey and Dr Greg Adamson.

Graphic scribe's representation of various topics discussed at panel
Graphic summary of the evening's discussion by Zahra Zainal

The discussion on the night was wide ranging, touching on the importance of keeping systems updated, doing due diligence, dealing with ransomware and the importance of diversity.

Exploring the technical, policy and legal elements of cybersecurity, this was an exciting and intriguing evening full of valuable insights. Thanks to attendees and panelists alike.

Watch the full session below.

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