Meaningful internships lead to student success

An internship during your degree is always an exciting opportunity to experience professional life in an industry setting, but at iBuild they strive to go above and beyond to ensure interns have a truly wonderful experience.

iBuild have been offering internships to students from the University of Melbourne for a number of years, aiming to provide students with the opportunity to develop professionally, while directly working on projects which genuinely contribute to the success of the company

Who is iBuild?

Founded in 2014 by Dr Jackson Yin and Michael Zeng, iBuild provides prefabricated building services to individual, commercial and government clients. Their work ranges from residential kit homes and small modular builds, to modular high rises and off-site builds for large-scale projects.

Workers loading equipment on to a truck with iBuild building in the background
Image: iBuild

Yin and Zeng started iBuild with a very community-minded goal; finding fast and affordable solutions to make housing more affordable and accessible. Through their internship program, they also help develop future professionals to make equally important contributions.

The secret to great internships

One of iBuild’s first interns, Jayden Savannah, now runs their internship program. According to Jayden, the secret to the company’s success in hosting internships lies with taking advantage of the business’ flexibility to make regular improvements to the program while also ensuring participants are involved in work which really matters.

Beginning life as a startup, flexibility was built into the foundations of iBuild. The ability to regularly review and make changes to their internship program allows them to ensure each year’s interns gain the most value from their time with the company.

Knowledge sharing and collaboration between interns is a valuable skill in the workplace

For example, in the early days offering internships, Jayden says iBuild used to place interns one on one with a company employee, which upon review was found to not be the most effective method. This led to a change where interns were allocated into small groups, encouraging them to not only learn from more senior team members but to collectively teach and mentor each other.

Additionally, iBuild encourages the engagement of cross discipline integrated learning for its interns. By having interns conduct a variety of tasks across the business’ divisions, they are able to gain a holistic understanding of a firm’s operations and view how their efforts are implemented throughout the organisation whilst earning experience in other fields that they otherwise would not have been able to pursue.

Jayden Savannah talking to a female intern while sitting at a table
Jayden Savannah speaks to a student intern. Image: iBuild

According to Jayden, "the knowledge sharing and collaboration between interns is a valuable skill in the workplace.

"Knowledge is power and for them to be able to contribute towards core aspects of business while learning from others, enables them to bring forward a more dynamic experience for their future careers.”

As well as having their internships structured around helping them get the most out of the experience, the work they’re assigned directly contributes to iBuild in a meaningful way.

Jayden mentions a number of projects previous interns have worked on, from contributing to the production of a new website, to deploying new augmented and virtual reality apps for the company.

"We welcome any ideas that come through our interns that can improve our business. The developments in VR and AR were intriguing to us and our interns have been heavily involved in utilising this technology to our advantage."

Going on to do great things

Many of iBuild’s interns have gone on to exciting new careers, with Jayden mentioning former interns having gone on to work in positions at companies including CarSales and Reece Plumbing, in addition to starting their own businesses.

The hands-on nature of these internships is likely a great benefit in alumni of iBuild’s internship program going on to do great things, allowing students to develop their work-ready skills in a program built around their needs.

Interested in how you can participate in an internship of your own? Visit our internships website for more info.

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