Bottling graduate success

As a Master of Engineering (Chemical) student, Dylan Potgieter took every opportunity to gain industry insight. In April 2019, he joined Carlton & United Breweries (CUB) as a Supply Management Trainee.

MSE graduate Dylan Potgieter at Cascade Brewery in Tasmania

MSE graduate Dylan Potgieter at Cascade Brewery in Tasmania, the oldest brewery in Australia dating from 1824. Image: supplied.

Dylan first came into contact with CUB through one of the University’s careers days, where he had the chance to talk to current graduates and talent managers and to demonstrate his interest in people and culture.

I always took the chance to go to careers fairs, Dylan says.

It improved my networking skills and gave me perspective on some of the opportunities which are available to graduates in all fields.

With the encounter sparking an interest in the company, Dylan applied to take part in CUB’s summer internship program and was successful. He spent the next three months with the company getting hands-on experience and taking part in whatever tasks he could manage.

The experience affirmed to me CUB’s commitment to people and I was happy to accept an offer to the Supply Management Trainee program at the end of my internship.

Having navigated the journey from student to graduate, Dylan advocates the importance of students gaining industry experience.

I had job shadowing experiences and small projects on a chromium mine, in an engineering consulting firm and in a big pharmaceutical research division, he says.

I made sure to choose companies that were involved in areas I was interested in.

Now employed as graduate at CUB, Dylan knows he has found the right fit.

I was drawn to CUB (and AB inBev) by their strong vision, welcoming nature and drive for success, he says.

I’m ready to embrace the challenges that will be thrown my way.