Reflections on the Melbourne Entrepreneurship Gala: a student perspective

Early this month over 750 guests converged at the Palladium for the Melbourne Entrepreneurship Gala. The evening is a celebration of entrepreneurship and has become the largest event of its kind in Australia.

This event brings together representatives from industry and government, and emerging and established innovators from the entrepreneurship community. University of Melbourne student, Christopher Sangma, was provided the opportunity to attend and shared his experience with us.

Christopher Sangma on MEG red carpet
Christopher Sangma

After completing his undergraduate degree in Bangladesh, Christopher moved to Melbourne earlier this year to study a Master of Information Technology at the University of Melbourne.

‘My aim at the University of Melbourne is to become a competent solution architect with a good grasp of both the IT operating model and business front-end processes,’ said Christopher.

As a newcomer to Australia and Melbourne, this event was an excellent eye opener on the Melbourne start-up ecosystem

Having recently moved to Melbourne, Christopher found the Melbourne Entrepreneurship Gala a unique learning experience. ‘As a newcomer to Australia and Melbourne, this event was an excellent eye opener on the Melbourne start-up ecosystem. It was amazing to see such a diverse and rich dynamic between the state government, academia, investment firms and the innovators,’ shared Christopher.

Christopher hopes to become a digital business architect in the future and co-create solutions with innovators and start up organisations. Christopher explained ‘I am deeply passionate in being involved with the start-up scene, and one day hope to become an entrepreneur myself.’

Christopher has taken an active role in pursuing opportunities both in and outside of the classroom to build his skills. ‘Seeking out and attending these activities has provided me with an amazing platform to leverage the skills I have been learning within my degree.’

Interested in learning more about entrepreneurship? Visit the Melbourne Entrepreneurial Centre webpage.

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