Mathieu Pichault

Mathieu is part of a team working with Meridian Energy Australia to develop a real-time wind forecasting model, using state-of-the-art LIDAR technology to improve wind forecasting accuracy for wind farms.

The ability to forecast further into the future and more accurately helps the market operator, AEMO, accommodate for the intermittent nature of wind.

What is Mathieu’s research about?

Research department: Department of Mechanical Engineering
Name of research project: Characterisation, detection and forecasting of intra-hourly wind power ramps under complex topography

Mathieu explains his research

I’ve always been passionate about sustainability and climate change issues and what’s really exciting about working in the renewable energy space is that you really have the chance to have an impact.

There’s a great challenge that comes with wind energy because wind is highly unpredictable. The grid operators and market traders need to accommodate for that variability, because variation in wind can cause variation in power. We want to monitor the wind with a state-of-the-art LIDAR to help us look at the conditions ahead, up to 15km.

Working with Meridian Energy, we know that if we find any way to improve the short-hand forecasting algorithm or any scientific advancements, that those changes will be implemented straight away.

I have the chance to work with very knowledgeable and expert supervisors at the university that really support me and give me good feedback.

Mathieu Pichault