Academic English tutorials

The Academic English Tutorials are a set of support classes for Engineering students. This program is provided to help students in need of extra English language and academic support.

The program:

  • consists of 1.5 hour weekly workshops;
  • runs in weeks 2 - 11;
  • runs in semester 1 and 2;
  • focuses on the basic English language and academic skills required to improve a student's chances of success in their studies;
  • is free, and not compulsory; and
  • is available to all students completing a post-graduate engineering degree.

The classes are run as a course, and are designed to build skills and capabilities over a series of lessons.  There is no homework and no assessment for this course.

There are two versions, a general engineering version and one that is specific to ENGR90021: Engineering Practice and Communication (EPC). EPC students should sign up for the subject specific version, advertised within the subject.


Please direct enquiries to