Rapid Feedback

Rapid Feedback - oral presentations is the fastest way to provide individual and tailored feedback to your students on their oral presentations.  Your students will love the detailed written feedback they will receive within minutes of finishing their presentation.  Rapid Feedback allows you to grade and generate accurate and helpful feedback in real time while your students deliver their presentations.

Written by educators for educators, the app allows assessors to grade student presentations across different criteria.  Assessors can then select as many or as few pre-written comments as they like from an in-built library that addresses over 180 common issues.  The selected comments then appear in a PDF document which can be e-mailed to the student the moment their presentation is complete.  Assessors also have the option to personalise the feedback by adding an audio file of spoken comments.

With Rapid Feedback you can

  • Enter individual student data or import class data as a CSV file
  • Create your own scoring rubric using the criteria provided giving any weighting you wish.
  • Generate real time feedback including grades using the library that addresses over 180 common issues.
  • Add your own comments to the feedback in-built comment library.
  • Review the grades and feedback comments selected.
  • E-mail your students and/or yourself the 2 to 3-page PDF document generated using the comments selected.
  • Personalise the feedback by recording an audio message to be sent with the PDF document.
  • Save and archive student data, results and feedback reports.
  • Export final results as a CSV file.

Nearly all comments have been written in two or three different forms so no two students will receive the same feedback file even if identical comments are selected.

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Rapid feedback - oral presentations is a product of the Engineering Learning Unit of the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology at the University of Melbourne, Australia.