One Basin CRC

Connecting communities, industry, business and researchers to manage climate and water risks in the Murray-Darling Basin.

Mallee Hub

The Mallee Regional Innovation Centre has joined the One Basin CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) bid team, with the goal of securing a Regional Hub of the CRC in the Mallee. The Centre is leading the discussions in the region with a wide variety of stakeholders.

The Regional Hubs will be an integral part to the ONE Basin CRC. Five hubs, including one in the Mallee, will be located strategically across the Basin. They will be the focal points for place-based research and development, and associated demonstration, evaluation, adaptation and education and training activities. The hubs will provide a meeting place for the Regional Advisory Committees and a place for regional communities, businesses and industries to participate and connect with the CRC’s activities.

What is the One Basin CRC?

The ONE Basin CRC will be a world-leading initiative in dealing with the emerging challenge of adapting agriculture to a changing climate. This will provide a production line of new research outputs that can be translated worldwide, sustaining Australia’s reputation as a leader in water and agricultural research.

The ONE Basin CRC (Cooperative Research Centre) vision is a resilient and sustainable Murray-Darling Basin, powered by a strong innovation capacity that supports rural communities, businesses and water managers to adapt and thrive with changing global drivers.

One basin map

A place-based research agenda

Many of the challenges being tackled by the CRC are centred in regional areas, so the CRC will focus much of its efforts in the five regional hubs. The regional hubs will provide an “efficiency of scale”. supporting a concentration of facilities, partnerships, and research effort to maximise progress with these challenges.

The regional hubs will build on existing research capabilities of the research partners and other agencies in the regions. As well as being a site for research, the hubs will be used for testing and demonstrating applications of research outcomes.

The CRC will have a strong focus on participatory research – providing a platform to direct research efforts to the needs of the regions and to facilitate the uptake of the research by regional communities, businesses and industries.

To support this, the Regional Hubs will have a critical role in shepherding effective and sustained research-industry collaborations. The CRC partners including businesses, industries, government, researchers and the community will collaborate closely to address real problems, leading to action.

An overview of One Basin CRC

To find out more

Visit the One Basin CRC website and download the prospectus (PDF).


Rebecca Wells
Chief Executive – Mallee Regional Innovation Centre