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  1. Victorian Annual Planning Report - Electricity transmission planning for Victoria, November 2020.

    The Victorian Annual Planning Report (VAPR) considers the adequacy of the Victorian transmission network to meet its reliability and security requirements, and identifies development opportunities to address emerging network limitations.

  2. The changing electricity grid

    There has been unprecedented change across the National Electricity Market (NEM) over the past two decades with utility scale grid renewable generation increasing a staggering 850 fold in a twenty year period.The following animated video tells the story of this transformative change, and charts the exponential rise of utility scale

  3. Drip drainage

    Drip irrigation has become the standard irrigation system adopted for irrigated horticulture in the Mallee. Most irrigators are generally operating at a high level of efficiency. Recent observations have highlighted that drip irrigators can achieve even greater efficiencies by addressing system drainage (often referred to as ‘drain-out’).

  4. Is it feasible to produce ammonia using renewable hydrogen?

    Nearly half a century after first being touted as the fuel of the future, hydrogen could play a vital role in the global transition to renewable energy - and even provide Australia with a new export industry.

  5. AusH2 - Australia's Hydrogen Opportunities Tool

    The Australia Hydrogen Opportunities Tool (AusH2) provides free access to geoscience data and tools for mapping and understanding the potential for hydrogen production in Australia. The tool was produced by Geoscience Australia for the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Energy Council’s Hydrogen Working Group.

  6. Murray-Darling Basin Plan Groundwater methods report and report cards.

    The Groundwater methods report details the history and technical detail behind the methods and assessments used to determine both the groundwater sustainable diversion limits and the baseline diversion limits under the Basin Plan. The Groundwater report cards provide an overview of the location of each SDL resource unit, estimated volume

  7. Soil water monitoring and irrigation scheduling.

    Soil water monitoring and irrigation scheduling, including soil texture, sodicity and salinity, probes, tensiometer, regions and irrigation management.

  8. HyResource - A collaborative knowledge sharing resource supporting the development of Australia's hydrogen industry.

    HyResource is a website collaboration between National Energy Resources Australia (NERA), CSIRO, Australian Hydrogen Council and Future Fuels CRC. It acts as a single source of information on key hydrogen-related organisations, policies and projects in Australia.

  9. Australia's National Hydrogen Strategy

    See how the National Hydrogen Strategy can achieve a clean, innovative, safe and competitive hydrogen industry that benefits all Australians.

  10. 2018 Mallee Horticulture Crop Report

    This report is the continuation of a series of triennial crop reports first produced in 1997 with the aim of accurately measuring irrigation status and development in the Mallee catchment.

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