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  1. Talking vine physiology

    Dr Michael Treeby from Agriculture Victoria spoke about vine physiology at a Dried Fruits Australia pruning workshop.

  2. 2019 Addendum - Mallee Horticulture Crop Report

    This report is an addendum to the 2018 Mallee Horticulture Crop Report prepared by SunRISE Mapping for the Mallee Catchment Management Authority. The 2018 Crop Report tracked irrigation development from 1997 to 2018 and evidenced renewed activity in redevelopment and expansion in the period from 2015 to 2018. This 2019

  3. Soil moisture monitoring with Green Brain

    Getting the best information from your soil moisture monitoring system is critical to managing irrigation application all season. To help with this, DFA ran an online seminar about using soil moisture probes with the MEA Green Brain system

  4. Assessing spray coverage in the vineyard with water sensitive papers

    The efficient use of agrochemicals in table grape production is essential for producing optimum yields and high quality, blemish-free table grapes. This short InnoGrape video aims to provide practical information on evaluating your vineyard spray program using water sensitive paper.

  5. Soil Survey of Red Cliffs Irrigation District

    A map which is the companion for the Soil Survey of the Red Cliffs Irrigation Area" was published in 1941. It marked completion of the surveys in the irrigation settlements in the Mildura area at the time. The soil survey was carried out by the former Division of Soils, Council

  6. Soil survey of Merbein irrigation district

    1939 Soil survey map of the Merbein Irrigation District (Agriculture Victoria)

  7. Bureau of Meteorology Climate and Water Outlook

    The monthly Climate and Water Outlook videos covers rainfall, streamflow and temperature for the next three months.

  8. Dried grape harvest 2018

    The 2018 Australian dried grape harvest is almost complete. Almost an acre of 18-year-old sultana vines were mechanically harvested at a farm in Pomona, New South Wales. More than eight transportation containers were filled with sultanas.

  9. Rootstock selection for table grape vineyards

    This short InnoGrape video aims to provide you with some insights and approaches to selecting the right rootstock for your table grape vineyard.

  10. Introduction to remote sensing for crop health

    Remote sensing refers to a suite of technologies that use sensors to obtain information about an object without making contact with it. The sensors used to collect this information come in two forms, passive and active.

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