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  1. The 2020 Bain Plan Evaluation reports and data

    The 2020 Basin Plan Evaluation has drawn from a wide range of sources. This includes: river operators, the science community, independent advisors, various reviews, which included significant community, First Nations and other stakeholder input and the Australian Government and Basin state and territory governments.

  2. Introduction to remote sensing for crop health

    Remote sensing refers to a suite of technologies that use sensors to obtain information about an object without making contact with it. The sensors used to collect this information come in two forms, passive and active.

  3. Which App for horticulture

    A new 'Which app for Horticulture' ebook is being launched by SuniTAFE's SMART Farm . It showcases over 60 apps available for producers.

  4. 2019 Addendum - Mallee Horticulture Crop Report

    This report is an addendum to the 2018 Mallee Horticulture Crop Report prepared by SunRISE Mapping for the Mallee Catchment Management Authority. The 2018 Crop Report tracked irrigation development from 1997 to 2018 and evidenced renewed activity in redevelopment and expansion in the period from 2015 to 2018. This 2019

  5. Murray-Darling Basin Authority - publications

    The Murray–Darling Basin Authority publishes numerous research and technical reports, educational material and extensive information on the Basin for communities, governments, industry and students.

  6. Climate change in Australia

    Observed change, regional projections and impacts.

  7. Loddon Mallee Region Renewable Energy Roadmap

    The Loddon Mallee Renewable Energy Roadmap provides a snapshot of the opportunities and obstacles the region faces as it moves from a centralised to a more decentralised renewable energy system.

  8. Bureau of Meteorology - Climate change trends and extremes

    This resource provides information on climate change trends and extremes, including the a tracker, datasets and State of the climate report.

  9. Bureau of Meteorology Radar

    Bureau of Meteorology weather watch radars.

  10. Mallee plants - surviving harsh conditions. Australian National Botanic Gardens.

    Use the Information Resource Notes and example Student Worksheets as resources for planning your excursion. Select questions that relate to the purpose of the excursion, cut and paste, modify and add your own activities.

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