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  1. Soils of the Nangiloc-Colignan Irrigation Area Report

    This report represents the results of a detailed soil survey of the Nangiloc-Colignan irrigation area in north western Victoria. The basic mapping unit used was the soil type. There are soil type maps to accompany the report.

  2. Mallee Floodplain Management Strategy 2018-28, Version: 1, Version Date: 20/06/2018

    The Mallee Floodplain Management Strategy (FMS) provides a single, regional planning document for floodplain management and a high level regional work program to guide future investment priorities over thenext ten years (2018-2028).

  3. Map of First People of the Millewa Mallee

    Commencing at the intersection of the centreline of the Mallee Highway and the South Australia / Victoria border and extending generally northerly and generally south easterly along that border and the New South Wales / Victoria border to its intersection with a line extending due east from the intersection of

  4. Soil map - Robinvale irrigation area

    Soil map Robinvale irrigation area. Department of Agriculture Soils Section, Field Operations 1947-49

  5. First People of the Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation

    Contact details and registration history for the First People of Millewa-Mallee Aboriginal Corporation Registered Aboriginal Party.

  6. AUSVEGVIC - Fact sheets and technical notes

    AusVegVic provide industry fact sheets and technical notes on a range of topics,

  7. Soils of the Nangiloc-Colignan Irrigation Area

    The report: "Soils of the Nangiloc-Colignan area" was prepared by Ted Mikhail and John Martin of the former Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and was published in 1986. The report presents the results of a detailed soil survey of about 11,000 hectares of horticultural land near Mildura

  8. 2017 Regional Skills Demand Profile - The Mallee

    The Mallee Regional Skills Demand Profile is an outcome of the Regional Skills Taskforce – Mallee Region. The Taskforce aimed to better understand local skills shortages, where local investment is being made, existing and future workforce training needs, and what skills will be required for local Mallee students, jobseekers and

  9. Mallee Waterway Strategy 2014 - 22

    The 2014-22 Mallee Waterway Strategy (MWS) is a key planning document for the region that sets priorities for the future management of our rivers, creeks and wetlands.

  10. The story of the Sunraysia Modernisation Project

    LMW has recently completed the Sunraysia Modernisation Project which has seen great benefits for our rural customers. The $120M project delivered 20kms of pipelines replacing old channels in the Mildura, Merbein and Red Cliffs districts. Pump stations and property meters were also upgraded.

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