The Dynamics of Creative Design Spaces


The Dynamics of Creative Design Spaces

3.09 Denis Driscoll Theatrette
Level 3, Doug McDonell Building (Building 168)


A design space constitutes the possibilities and alternatives a designer is considering to meet a design brief. In this talk I will demonstrate how to use design space schemas as an analytical tool to identify how design materials and activities inform the design space, and how the design space is filtered by not only prototypes, as suggested by Lim and Stolterman, but also other kinds of design representation. To illustrate the approach, I will examine a sixteen-month long design process of a media architecture installation, which we closely followed and documented via photos of design materials and design activities, notes, and interviews. The design space schema approach has been extended to map out the design space of a collection of design objects, for instance the designer’s repertoire within a particular domain. To support this approach we have developed a digital tool and a method for design space analysis, which I will illustrate using the collection of media architecture installations nominated for the media architecture biennale from 2012-2018. The approach is of general value when designers and researchers want to explore previous design solutions for a particular domain. Final, I will extend design space thinking to include the physical design space where design activities unfold, and illustrate the idea by a design space analysis of a collection of poster boards with Post Its at an international design agency. As an overall framing of my talk I will provide an overview of our research lab, CAVI, and Center for Digital Creativity.


  • Professor Kim Halskov