How do we successfully deliver Belt and Road projects?


How do we successfully deliver Belt and Road projects?

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Departmental Seminar by visiting scholar

68% of the Chinese Belt and Road construction projects encounter serious cost or time overrun, which can lead to lost opportunities and loss of market share in the rapidly growing global contracting markets. A greater understanding of the reasons behind the challenges confronting Chinese contractors is urgently needed. Solutions to overcome these challenges will ultimately benefit economies along the Belt and Road corridor. The study aims to evaluate the performance of the Belt and Road projects undertaken by Chinese contractors and to investigate the critical factors hindering the successful delivery of these projects. Based on quantitative and qualitative analysis of survey questionnaires, interviews and cases collected from 12 of the largest Chinese state-owned enterprises, it is established that a lack of understanding of project contexts is the primary constraint of Chinese contractors achieving delivery targets. Recommendations for improving Chinese contractors’ performance include: involving international professionals, encouraging cross-contextual dialogues and establishing long-term global partnership.


  • Mr Hongxin Sun
    Mr Hongxin Sun, Tsinghua University