Large deformation of soils in offshore foundation design


Large deformation of soils in offshore foundation design

Theatre A1 (Room 107)
Old Engineering A1 Theatre


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Offshore oil and gas exploration has been expanding from shallow to deep waters. Offshore foundations have been evolving from gravity foundation in shallow water to spudcan foundation for jackup rigs in medium water and anchors for deep water. Foundation failure is one of the major concerns in offshore design.

This presentation will provide an overview on the research, using physical and numerical modelling, in studying and preventing foundation failures when large deformation of soil is inevitable, such as spudcan penetration, anchor keying and penetrometers for site investigations. The applications of numerical method of LDFE/RITSS to simulate large deformation of soils will be demonstrated. Recent studies on T-bar penetrometer in single and layered clays will be reported.


  • Professor Yuxia Hu
    Professor Yuxia Hu, Head of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering