The Digital Therapeutic Alliance and HCI


The Digital Therapeutic Alliance and HCI

Interaction Design Lab
Level 9, Doug McDonell Building (Building 168)


The therapeutic alliance, the relationship that develops between a therapist and a patient, is a significant factor in the outcome of psychological therapy. As mental healthcare starts to increasingly adopt digital technologies and offer therapeutic interventions that may not involve human therapists, the notion of the therapeutic alliance in digital mental healthcare requires exploration. Despite work on the therapeutic alliance being largely the province of clinical psychology, questions pertaining to the relationship between a human user and therapeutic computing system presumably offer an opportunity for input from the field of human-computer interaction (HCI). In this talk I scrutinise the items in a recently developed measure of the digital therapeutic alliance through a HCI lens. It is shown how this alternative/complementary approach to considering the digital therapeutic alliance could inform further work on modifying existing measures or even generating measures from scratch.


  •  Simon D'Alfonso
    Simon D'Alfonso, Lecturer