Release of the APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook, 7th Edition


Release of the APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook, 7th Edition

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The University of Melbourne and the Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre (APERC), invite you to a seminar on the findings of the 7th edition of the APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook. The APEC region represents nearly 60% of the world’s primary energy supply and will play an integral role in determining the future of the global energy sector. The event provides an overview of the key findings and projections from the report for the APEC region, major energy using economies (including some of Australia’s major trade partners such as China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea and the US), and Australia’s domestic energy outlook. It also presents cross-border electricity trade opportunities and highlights some challenges, based on a quantitative analysis of ASEAN Power Grid.

The Outlook features three scenarios: • The BAU Scenario that reflects current policies and trends. • The Target (TGT) Scenario explores the impacts of the shared APEC goals to reduce energy intensity and increase the share of renewables. • The 2-Degrees Celsius (2DC) Scenario follows the carbon emissions reduction pathway in the IEA’s Energy Technology Perspectives publication which provides a 50% chance of limiting average global temperature increases to 2°C.

The report: • Describes the APEC energy outlook to 2050. • Identifies major challenges and opportunities facing the region’s energy sector and discusses the role of APEC cooperation and trade. • Assesses the impact of current trends and policies as well as the implications of the alternative scenarios on the region’s fuel mix, investment requirements, trade patterns and CO2 emissions. • Includes detailed forecasts of energy production, supply and demand for each of the 21 APEC member economies.


  • Mr Tom  Willock
    Mr Tom Willock, Economist
  • Dr Gigih Atmo
    Dr Gigih Atmo, Senior Visiting Researcher
  • Mr James M.  Kendell
    Mr James M. Kendell, Vice President, Asia Pacific Energy Research Centre