Graduate research opportunities

The Melbourne School of Engineering is involved in numerous research projects, listed below by department. From here you may browse the breadth of research projects currently underway, and go directly to projects that are recruiting graduate researchers in your discipline. If you are interested in joining a research group, email the Primary Contact directly to discuss your expertise and experience.


Research areas include: biomechanics, biosignals, computational bioinformatics and biocellular systems to address issues such as medical bionics, immune system function, infection, epilepsy and cancer treatment.

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Chemical & Biomolecular

Within a diverse research program there is a focus on three themes: materials science, separations technologies, and biomolecular engineering. These themes are targeted at key socioeconomic fields, which include medicine; mining; sustainable energy production; water conservation and re-use; and food processing.

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Computing & Information Systems

An international leader in research in Computer Science, Information Systems, and Software Engineering. Research strengths of the department include Business Information Systems, Complex and Intelligent Systems, Distributed and Cloud Computing, Computational Bioinformatics, Health Information Systems, Interaction Design, Knowledge Discovery, Optimisation, and Programming Languages.

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Electrical & Electronic

Research is focused in four research labs: control and signal processing; communications and networks; electronics and photonics; and neuroengineering. Topics of interest include: mobile and wireless networks; network design and performance monitoring; optical communication systems; sustainability of growth of the internet; computational neuroscience; neuroimaging and neuroinformatics; audition, speech and bionic ear design; bionic eye design and vision; consciousness and communication; information theory; mathematical systems theory; numerical methods; signal processing and radar tracking; and control systems.

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Areas of research investigation include: structural engineering; geotechnical engineering; project management; energy efficiency in buildings; integrated transport; disaster management; geothermal energy; catchment systems; environmental monitoring and assessment; environmental water management, water resource management; next generation flood prediction; impacts of climate change; indoor and outdoor positioning; land administration and 3D cadastre; sensor networks; mobile mapping; environmental modelling; food production; artificial intelligence; and spatial data infrastructure design and development.

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Research is focused in the areas of biomechanical engineering and fluids and thermal sciences, with world-leading expertise in areas such as fluid mechanics, turbulence and biomechanics. Project areas include: fundamental fluid mechanics; drag reduction and control; applied thermodynamics and internal combustion engines; gait analysis to assist children with cerebral palsy and to prevent the elderly from falls caused by tripping; investigating joint stress in knee osteoarthritis and hamstring muscle biomechanics during sprinting.

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