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The task for 2023 is IT ALL ENDS WHERE IT STARTED


The task for 2022 is ... CREATE A BUZZ!

We would love teams to use their creativity and think outside of the box! There are so many ways in which you and your team can interpret this task, and that's exactly what we want.

Come up with different meanings to what create a buzz can be and see how you can implement them to bring your machine to life.

Remember, we are only limited by our imagination! So explore, create, and - most importantly - have lots of fun!

We are also working in collaboration with the Science Gallery. You can take your Amazing Spaghetti Machine team or school group on a tour of their exciting site and current exhibition.

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2022 competing schools

  • Avila College
  • Catholic College Sale
  • Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School
  • Lauriston Girls' School
  • Mater Christi College
  • Melbourne Girls Grammar
  • Mount Alexander College

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2014 To create a ‘Wake Me Up’ machine

2013 To spell the word ‘Engineer’

2012 To take a portrait-style photograph in either digital or hard-copy form.

2011 To dispense the dried ingredients for a cup of instant coffee (coffee, powdered milk, and sugar) into a cup.

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