Task & Teams


The task for 2023 is ... IT ALL ENDS WHERE IT STARTED!

2023 competing schools

  • Avila College
  • Catholic Regional College, North Keilor
  • Ivanhoe Girls Grammar School
  • Kingswood College
  • Melbourne Girls Grammar

Previous tasks

2022 Create a buzz

2021 Convey a message

2020 Take a selfie

2019 Raise a flag

2018 Squirt toothpaste onto a toothbrush

2017 Crush a can and put it into a recycling bin

2016 Water a plant

2015 Make me a bowl of cereal

2014 To create a ‘Wake Me Up’ machine

2013 To spell the word ‘Engineer’

2012 To take a portrait-style photograph in either digital or hard-copy form.

2011 To dispense the dried ingredients for a cup of instant coffee (coffee, powdered milk, and sugar) into a cup.

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