Study Abroad and Exchange

A study abroad and exchange program is your chance to explore the world, meet new people, create valuable professional networks and immerse yourself in a different social, cultural, and academic environment... all whilst completing your studies!

Considering a Study Abroad or Exchange Program?

AT FEIT, we encourage you to immerse yourself in a new and exciting culture by choosing to participate in a study abroad or exchange program. Not only is this one of many ways to maximise your time as a student at the University of Melbourne, but it is an opportunity to challenge yourself, test and expand your knowledge, and gain a competitive edge against other students in the job market.

The benefits of these programs are endless, and if you have decided to apply for a study abroad or exchange program with FEIT, we cannot wait to support you throughout this journey. Whilst it is a time to have fun, and make memories, be sure to follow our three quick tips!

3 FEIT Quick Tips


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