FEIT Remote International Internships with CIEE

The University has partnered with CIEE, a US-based global study abroad and international internship provider. As part of this, FEIT are excited to launch our third year of international CIEE Engineering and IT internships, and our second year of the remote program.

CIEE facilitate a number of online activities including a cross-cultural induction and orientation and various networking opportunities in order to ensure that, although happening remotely, students participating in the program gain a true cross-cultural experience.

All our internship providers work with a range of organisations, both larger and small and medium-sized companies. We ask that students who apply for this program have an open mind about the experience, as our providers can work with you to find an internship but cannot guarantee a large, or “big name” company.

All students who apply for this program, must be eligible to enrol in ENGR90033 Internship. Please check this before you apply and contact STOP 1 for clarification if you are unsure.

Key dates

All CIEE internships will start in early December 2021. Students with Australian citizenship or full working rights can work up to 40 hours per week and will finish in mid-February 2021.

Student visa holders who are taking the subject in Australia (ie, you are located here and working remotely) are limited to 20 hours per week work as this subject is an enrolled summer subject. Student visa holders in Australia will finish in late March 2021.

If you are an Australian student visa holder but you are located in your home country (for example, you are a Chinese citizen who has an Australian student visa but you’re currently at home in China studying remotely), you can work up to 40 hours per week and finish in February.


As ENGR90033 is a 25 point enrolled subject, normal tuition fees will apply. Seek advice from STOP 1 for any further queries regarding fees.

CIEE charge a program fee for sourcing internships, working with you through the matching process, and for the program of online cross-cultural events they run. This year that fee is approximately $2000 per student, which is being paid in full by Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology in acknowledgement of many students’ changed financial circumstances due to COVID-19.

How to apply

For the CIEE internships, you will make a general application to CIEE and they will then work with you to place you into a suitable internship via a matching process in your chosen city. You will be able to express a preference about the type of organisation, location and work you would like to do. While CIEE cannot guarantee to match you to a specific organisation or location, they will work with you to find an internship that meets your course needs and satisfies the criteria for ENGR90033 Internship.

We have approximately 20 places available on this program. Should we have more applicants than places, we will rank students by WAM.

It is expected that this program will be competitive, therefore we ask students to only apply if you are serious about working with CIEE to secure a remote international internship. If students commit to this program, and then drop out, it means that another student has missed their chance as places are limited.

CIEE program application form

The deadline for applications for all CIEE internships is 11:59pm Monday 09 August.

Privacy Collection Notice for application form

More information on CIEE: https://www.ciee.org/go-abroad/college-study-abroad/internships/virtual-global-internships