Scholarship terms and conditions

Accepting your scholarship

  • If the scholarship is not accepted by the lapse date in your scholarship offer letter it will be offered to another student
  • You may accept this scholarship separately to your course offer – you do not need to have accepted your course offer to accept the scholarship
  • You may hold this scholarship with other scholarships offered by the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, the University of Melbourne or external funding bodies, including government scholarships
  • The scholarship is not transferable to other courses at the University of Melbourne

Scholarship conditions

  • Recipients are expected to pass all subjects and achieve at least a 65% average
  • Recipients who fail to meet the 65% minimum WAM will be notified by the Scholarships Officer and have their scholarship cancelled

Scholarship payments

  • Funds will be paid directly into your Australian bank account after the University census date each semester. Ensure that your banking details on the Student Portal are correct.
    For more information, see: ‘Providing your bank and address details’ at About your scholarship.
  • If you are unable to open an Australian bank account due to current travel restrictions, you may request to change your scholarship to fee remission. If you would like to do this, email the Faculty Admissions Team-
    • Fee remissions will be applied to your tuition fee invoice each semester. Fee remissions do not apply to the initial $10,000 deposit or Overseas Student Health Cover membership.
  • Recipients will still receive scholarship payment/fee remission while on an exchange or study abroad program
  • Scholarships in the form of payments or fee remission to full-time students are considered tax exempt. If you are enrolled part-time, we will not withhold income tax from your scholarship payments. However, you should declare your payments as assessable income in your tax return or seek independent tax advice to ensure that your individual circumstances are covered. For more information, see:

Note: You will not receive a PAYG Payment Summary or Group Certificate if we are not withholding income tax from your scholarship payments.


  • Scholarships can be deferred for up to one academic year, provided you have accepted the scholarship offer before the lapse date.

Melbourne Graduate Scholarships

In 2022, commencing and continuing students are automatically assessed for a Melbourne Graduate Scholarship. As this scholarship is subject to the University’s Coursework Scholarships Conditions, please refer to this page for the conditions of this scholarship.

Please note: the Melbourne Graduate Scholarship cannot be deferred to the following calendar year.

Last approved and updated: 16 February 2022