CHEN90028 Industry Project

Engage with industry on a designated investigative project by undertaking this 25-point subject open to students in the Master of Engineering (Chemical), (Biochemical) and (Chemical with Business) degree.

CHEN90028 Industry Project is a 25-point subject open to students in the Mater of Engineering (Chemical), (Biochemical) and (Chemical with Business) degrees. This subject allows you to undertake a designated investigative project with a suitable industry partner, either as an individual or as a member of a team.

  • This might be a good opportunity for you if …
    • You are interested in undertaking an open-ended research project in collaboration with an industry partner from the chemical engineering sector.
    • You have 25 points of elective space in your course.
    • You meet the eligibility criteria which apply to this subject. Please see the handbook for further detail.
  • What is required of me?

    Students that are assigned a project through CHEN90028 Industry Project are then enrolled in the subject by the departmental staff.

    In addition to the research project itself, the assessment is based on conduct, a final presentation and final report.

    If you successfully complete this subject, your Engineering Practice Hurdle completion will be automatically registered. You do not need to do anything further to fulfil the requirement.

  • How do I get started/what next?

    This subject is offered in Summer, Semester 1 and Semester 2.

    Students will be notified of projects through the Chemical Engineering community page on the LMS and invited to submit their top 5 preferences along with other relevant information.

    Students are then assigned to projects based on their preferences and weighted average mark. Not all students will get projects. If you apply but don’t get a project you would normally enrol in CHEN90023 Research Project and complete one of the other options to meet your Engineering Practice Hurdle requirement as CHEN90023 Research Project does not count towards Engineering Practice Hurdle.

    Information about this subject can also be found in the handbook.

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  • Who to contact about this option

    For further information please contact the CHEN90028 Industry Project subject coordinator:

    Dr Anthony Stickland