Biomedicine/Engineering pathway

This pathway into engineering is ideal if you’re looking to complement your technical skills with medical knowledge and take up a career in biomedical engineering.

To graduate as an engineer with professional accreditation, you’ll start with a Bioengineering Systems major in either the Bachelor of Biomedicine or Bachelor of Science, followed by a two-year Master of Engineering (Biomedical) or Master of Engineering (Biomedical with Business).

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Graduate study appointments

If you have questions about graduate study in engineering or IT, or would like to find out more about which subjects to take in your undergraduate degree, you can book an appointment with our staff.

Our admissions staff offer consultation appointments during semester to discuss your future study options in the Master of Engineering, as well as in the Master of Information Systems and Master of Information Technology.

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Pre-ENG Club

The Pre-ENG Club is a community of future engineers studying an undergraduate degree at the Univeristy of Melbourne. The Club is a great way for you to meet other students on the same pathway as you, and helps you explore the different areas of engineering and IT as you find your best fit.

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