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Dale Wines, in front of the Old Engineering Building

Coming into university, I was not sure whether I wanted to do architecture or engineering. Studying the Bachelor of Design gave me the option to test out both worlds. I was able to take a mix of subjects in each discipline, to see which I enjoyed the most – from maths and science, to architectural history and digital design. It gave me the time and flexibility I needed to make the right decision, ultimately where I would choose to continue with a Master of Engineering.

Dale Wines
Master of Engineering (Civil)
Bachelor of Design

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This pathway provides you with a unique skillset in engineering and design thinking. These skills are applicable to a wide range of contexts such as the creation and improvement to buildings, transport, cities, machinery, processes, infrastructure and the environment.

How to study Engineering through the Bachelor of Design

As a Bachelor of Design student, you can choose one of four majors that will lead to a two-year Master of Engineering or Master of Engineering (with Business). You’ll then graduate as an engineer with professional accreditation.

Bachelor of Design major (3 years), leading to … Master of Engineering (2 years)
Civil Systems Master of Engineering (Civil), or
Master of Engineering (Civil with Business)
Computing* Master of Engineering (Software)
Master of Engineering (Software with Business)
Mechanical Systems Master of Engineering (Mechanical), or
Master of Engineering (Mechanical with Aerospace), or
Master of Engineering (Mechanical with Business)
Spatial Systems Master of Engineering (Spatial)

*leads to a 2.5 year Master of Engineering

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If you have questions about graduate study in engineering or IT, or would like to find out more about which subjects to take in your undergraduate degree, you can book an appointment with our staff.

Our admissions staff offer consultation appointments during semester to discuss your future study options in the Master of Engineering, as well as in the Master of Information Systems and Master of Information Technology.

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The Pre-ENG Club is a community of future engineers studying an undergraduate degree at the University of Melbourne. The Club is a great way for you to meet other students on the same pathway as you, and helps you explore the different areas of engineering and IT as you find your best fit.

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