Arrival and commencement checklist

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), restrictions have been placed on commencements in 2021. Please contact your principal supervisor or email for more information. 2021 induction sessions have been updated in section 12 below.

A checklist to follow in preparation to commence your research degree in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology.

Congratulations on receiving your offer for a graduate research degree in the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology! We are looking forward to welcoming you to the University of Melbourne

There are several steps to prepare you for your arrival on campus and with the aim of getting you started in a seamless manner please refer to the checklist below:

  1. Meet the conditions of your offer

    Refer to your offer letter for further details. You will also need to have been successfully awarded a Melbourne Research Scholarship (or alternative) to undertake your research degree with the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT).

    International students only: Complete The International Student Acceptance and Payment Agreement online to receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).

  2. Nominate a commencement date

    Nominate a commencement date (as agreed with your supervisor) in the enrolment period stated in your offer. The commencement and CoE date should be the same. If required, you can change your CoE date and apply for a new CoE with the International Admissions Acceptances team:

  3. Apply for your student visa

    International students only: Some applicants experience lengthy delays due to their country of origin; unfortunately, we do not have any control over this process.

  4. Visa granted (international) and/or ready to commence (domestic)

    You will be invited to attend Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology induction appointment via zoom the week before the next induction date. Email if you have not received an invitation email.

    1. Align your commencement date to start on the induction appointment date.
    2. Check your commencement date with your supervisor and department administrator (department administrator contact details are available below).
    3. Copy in to the email to let us know when you’re planning to commence your research degree.
  5. International Student Checklist

    International students only

    Read the International Student Checklist.

  6. Attend Orientation

    All students

    Orientation for graduate researchers

  7. Establish an Australian bank account

    Establish an Australian bank account to receive your scholarship payments.

    You can enter your bank account details via: > Student admin > Financial support > View and update my bank account details.

    Note: Your first payment will not be received until after you are officially enrolled.This can take up to 2–3 weeks, depending on the pay cycle. Relocation funding (if eligible) will be received with the first scholarship payment. Prepare accordingly.

  8. Complete Get Started

    Complete the Get Started administration enrolment, Step 6. You will not be able to complete the final section – Enrol in Subjects. This action initiates your enrolment; we will complete it on your commencement date. Note that as a graduate researcher you cannot self-enrol in any program or coursework subject.

  9. Arrive on campus

  10. Attend FEIT induction appointment

    Attend the FEIT induction appointment. Please note these will be held via zoom until further notice, see 2021 induction appointment dates below. We will formally enrol you into your program after the appointment. A notification email of your enrolment will be sent to you including the next steps to action.

  11. Attend department induction appointment

    Report directly (in person) to your department administrator, as arranged (Step 4b above). Your department administrator will also arrange to induct you into your department. The department induction is different from the FEIT induction.

  12. Commencing outside FEIT induction dates

    If you are commencing your studies outside of the FEIT induction appointment date (as agreed with your supervisor, department administrator, and you will be required to report to your department administrator on an agreed date. Your department administrator will notify us by email of your arrival on campus. The FEIT Graduate Research team will complete your enrolment on a Tuesday if an alternate date has not already been confirmed. Note that you are still required to attend an FEIT induction appointment.

2021 induction appointment dates

These appointments will be held over Zoom unless otherwise advised.

  • Thursday 8 April 11am–12.30pm (AEST)
  • Tuesday 4 May 11am–12.30pm (AEST)
  • Tuesday 8 June
  • Tuesday 6 July
  • Tuesday 3 August
  • Tuesday 17 August
  • Tuesday 7 September
  • Tuesday 5 October
  • Tuesday 2 November
  • Tuesday 7 December

Department administrators

Biomedical Engineering

Natasha Baxter

Chemical Engineering

Louise Baker

Computing and Information Systems

Rhonda Smithies

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Lyn Buchanan and Michelle Nelthropp

Infrastructure Engineering

Eileen Doufas-Shea
Ana Bamborough
Emma Payne

Mechanical Engineering

Jan May