Student clubs and societies

The University has a broad range of student clubs and societies that can help you enrich your study experience.

Trying to find your people? Clubs are not just a great way to get free stuff (although they are that too) – they’re an integral part of many students’ university experience. Clubs and societies are one of the easiest ways to get involved in the university community, meet new people and basically have an awesome time here.

Are you interested in meeting other graduate researchers from across MSE? Check out the University of Melbourne, Student Union (UMSU) and the Graduate Student Association (GSA).

There are currently over 200 clubs affiliated to UMSU and the GSA, with a combined membership of over 25,000 – so you’re spoilt for choice.

There are  clubs across a broad range of areas, such as:

  • Spiritual
  • Cultural
  • Musical
  • Political
  • Specific special interests.

There are also a vast number of faculty and course-related clubs to help you get to know people from within your courses.