The 2023 event has now concluded. This page will be updated in 2024 with new details.

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Explore research opportunities for your business and your career at this inaugural event in the heart of Parkville.

Are you looking to undertake research in engineering or IT?

Are you part of a business, community or government organisation looking to test ideas or develop new products and services?

From biomedical technologies and artificial intelligence to sustainable infrastructure and cybersecurity, our researchers are pushing the boundaries of knowledge and working with industry organisations to solve real-world challenges – while training the research leaders of tomorrow.

Join this free, interactive event at Melbourne Connect showcasing the work of our top graduate researchers, and discover the breadth of our research capabilities and industry-focussed programs across all facets of engineering and IT.

Whether you're looking to solve a business challenge or considering a PhD in your area of passion, don't miss this chance to explore opportunities and connect with our team for personalised guidance.

Tuesday 31 October 2023


Discover the breadth of engineering and IT innovation at the University of Melbourne with a showcase exhibition featuring more than 50 current PhD research projects. Refreshments will be provided.


Join an exciting forum as our top engineering and IT PhD candidates showcase their research in an engaging three-minute oration.


Hear from industry leaders, alumni, researchers and current PhD candidates.


Connect with industry peers, meet our research experts and current graduate researchers over refreshments in our exhibition space showcasing more than 50 current PhD projects.

Explore some of the ways our researchers are making an impact across industry sectors.

"Together, we’ve been developing the seizure forecasting app that I outlined in my PhD."

During her PhD, Dr Pip Karoly noticed new cycles for seizures in epilepsy sufferers. Since then, she’s learnt to code. And she is now working in a team at Seer Medical to create a seizure tracking and forecasting app – a concept she outlined during her PhD.

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Headshot of Dr Pip Karoly
A complex circuit drawn in blue lines and nodes with a network concept diagram overlay

Improving business performance using process-mining software

Apromore Pty Ltd's product incorporates the results of nine PhD theses and is the subject of over 100 scientific publications. After gaining its start in an open-source version developed at the University of Melbourne, Apromore's commercial enterprise solution is now recognised as one of the top solutions on the market.

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"I never expected that the topic of my research would end up in a clinical trial"

After six years in the lab, Dr Umesh Nair wanted to explore his interest in business as well as neuroscience. He now works as a product manager for a scientific equipment company. Thanks to the knowledge he gained through his PhD, he's helping researchers meet their own infrastructure needs.

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Headshot of Dr Umesh Nair
Are you ready to explore engineering and IT research opportunities for your business or your career?

Join us at Melbourne Connect on Tuesday 31 October.