Maritime and aerospace systems

Our maritime systems team conducts world-renowned multi-national research in hydrodynamics, fuel and propulsion systems, control systems and trusted autonomous systems. Our research makes use of our unique cutting-edge laboratories and wind tunnels, as well as access to real-world ocean infrastructure.

Our capabilities

Helicopter landing on ship

Our capabilities include:

  • Metocean modelling
  • Spectral-wave modelling and prediction
  • Fluid structure interaction analysis
  • Floating ice/wave/ship interaction generation and analysis
  • Airflow modelling over ships and structures
  • Environmental modelling and monitoring
  • Gas turbines for land, sea and air
  • Diesel engines and alternative fuels.

Research results

Results of our research include:

  • Reduced drag on bio-fouled ships
  • Parametric hurricane models for off-shore industries
  • Optimised submarine engine performance for Defence Science and Technology Group (DST).

Hear from Professor Jason Monty's research on air-sea interactions, turbulence and submarine signatures.

Case study: Metocean

The University of Melbourne has an internationally recognised research program aimed at understanding and modelling metocean conditions.

We are equipped with unique laboratory facilities, including extreme wind-wave flume and wave-ice tanks. We have access to other technologies including satellite database for global and regional engineering, and research applications.

The leading edge of Metocean research

Our research is critical to bettering the planning and management of ship and submarine operations. This includes the operation of vessels in the open ocean and coastal areas, landing troops and amphibious operations, the performance of radar, visual and infrared systems, acoustic instrumentation, and the through-life support (including build specifications in the changing metocean climate) of naval platforms.

A global centre of excellence

Through our global network of university and industry partnerships recognising the university as a leader in the field of metocean research, we have been granted an ERA-5 (top) leading rating from the Australian Government since 2012. Defence Technologies has secured multi-million dollar grants with multiple funding agencies in Australia including ARC, DISI, CRC, DST Group, CSIRO, BoM. We have several international partners including ONS, ONRG, NOAA  in the USA, as well as sponsors in Europe, China and Brazil.