Sensor and information processing

The University of Melbourne has expertise in foundational areas of signal processing, optimisation and information technology that can be applied in a wide range of applications.

Defence and civil applications

Our research has helped develop radar systems for defence, civil aviation and industry purposes in the US and UK. The systems have also been used for surveillance and emergency response through crowd monitoring via networked cameras, as well as advanced monitoring systems for the Great Barrier Reef.

Research capabilities include:

  • Estimation and tracking (radar/sonar)
  • Fault or change detection
  • Image processing
  • Distributed and networked control of sensors and systems
  • Estimation and control under resource constraints
  • Machine learning and game theory
  • Communications and network design
  • Cognitive communications and radar
  • Advanced antenna design
  • Communications and network design
  • Radar and sensor signal processing
  • Cognitive communications and radar.
Hear about Professor Kenneth Crozier’s research in using nano-optics for enhanced sensors and imaging.