About us

The demand for fresh foods, processed foods and food ingredients in Asian markets is projected to double by 2050. This presents a significant opportunity for Australia’s food and agribusiness sector.

Our capabilities in food engineering, food science, digital manufacturing and supply chain innovation deliver sustainable impact to both small and medium-sized enterprises and the larger corporations we work with.

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We provide a key competitive advantage by assisting businesses from initial product and process development through to translation and scale-up at factory sites. Such technical innovation can be highly effective in reducing costs, value-adding and building a stronger competitive position in the global market.

Our program helps food manufacturers:

  • Access food science and engineering skills from a wide range of specialist areas
  • Identify and implement opportunities for process improvement, innovation and new product development
  • Sevelop new or improved ‘clean label’ foods, as well as new protein sources, through formulation, processing and scale-up stages
  • Apply digital sensing and data analytics to reduce process bottlenecks and optimise supply chain or manufacturing performance
  • Develop solutions to waste management and sustainability challenges.